Torque Detail’s Mirror Shine – Honest Review

What is Torque detail’s mirror shine?

This product is one of the effective solution whose main aim is to provide a deep glossy layer of shine so as to protect the car’s paint like original.
As the name itself suggests, it’s a spray-on wax that enhances the car’s paint and makes it shine like a mirror.

Want back the lost shine on your vehicle, be it car, truck, bus or any vehicle, torque detail’s mirror shine is worth trying.

Key features of Torque detail’s Mirror Shine

Water repellent property

It is claimed to show hydrophobic property and therefore is known for its water and repellent nature and also resists other environmental harms.

UV protection

The layering provided by this mirror shine spray protects the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun when your car is usually exposed to sunlight.

Mirror like finish

The chemical bonds very well with the paint coating and replaces the original shine and appearance like before. The after view of your car surface will make you extremely satisfied.

Quick in results

Avoiding all the complex procedures in making your car shine brighter and brighter, the spray is put on and spread all over consistently for giving glossier results for lasting for a longer time.

Torque detail’s Mirror Shine Usage instructions

Since the product is best known for its easy application and quick results, the process is not at all a lengthy one and just includes a handful of steps.

  • The vehicle’s surface should be cleaned firstly before applying any chemical product.
  • Followed by spraying the Mirror Shine directly onto the surface.
  • To easily boost the car’s paintwork simply use a towel of good fibre material, and buff out the spray all over the car paint in circular movements.
  • Equally spreading all over definitely leaves a pure mirror like lustre also adding a protection for months.

Pros and Cons of Torque detail’s Mirror Shine


  • Easy application
  • Quick results
  • Long lasting effect
  • High gloss appearance
  • UV protection
  • Multi use with multi vehicles


  • One coating may not satisfy some
  • The sprayer along may cause a problem
  • Surface needs to be ready by proper cleaning

Is Torque Detail Mirror shine a ceramic coating?

Since the product is chemically a polymer based wax spray composed of silicon, it easily adds on a protective layer against the contaminants from all over the environment.
So yes, torque detail’s mirror shine can be counted in the category of ceramic coating but simply results in flawless gloss with an easy application by spraying. The application process is much lesser complicated as compared to step wise traditional ceramic coatings.

Is Torque Detail Mirror Shine legit?

Since torque detail is a brand that is in the car detailing industry for years and is no doubt a successful one, so like the other products offered, mirror shine completely satisfies you with its enhanced results.
You’ll surely gain an enjoyable experience while caring about your car’s lost lustre and missed shine with this detailed product.

Is Torque Detail Mirror Shine Best?

It excellently repels water and add a protection layer on the surface, fully satisfying the customers for months according to them.
By considering the features of this product along with the pros and cons, you can opt this as a polisher wax and both a sealant ensuring the stability of the paint. Customers are very much satisfied with the longing gloss and specifically as a preserver against the environmental harms.

Is Torque Detail Mirror a good value?

It is one the professional sealant and customers find it worth the price
Great for those who like caring very detail about their car. Though the sprayer bottle may appear a bit weak by some customers. But, with its mirror like results, it still is a very good value.

Along with your car, it is very much useful for other vehicles and also for your domestic uses.


So, in conclusion, you can surely go through Torque Detail Mirror Shine since it can sway away all problems of paint imperfections.
But also, you’re not satisfied with one coating go for the second one for effective shine.
The hydrophobic property along with long lasting UV protection will allow you to go through this once, after which you can totally rely on it for forever use.

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